Trade Services


 The Estimate Source provides a comprehensive range of services to the following Trades

  • Housing / Residential
  • Commercial
  • Plasterboard & Interior Linings
  • Painting
  • Roofing

We also tailor estimating services to fit client's individual needs. By working with the client we can develop the service to be as efficeint & accurate as possible.

Types of Estimates Available

Trade Estimate - This estimate is a breakdown of your particular trade. The estimate will provide material and  labour quantites for you.

Please click on the link for a sample estimate - Trade Sample

Budget Estimate - This option is made up of a square metre rate base as well as historical data from similar jobs to provide a working estimate for the client. This is good for a basic idea on how much the renovation or new house is going to cost to build before the DA stage and allows the client to decide if they want to make any changes based on price before the final plans are signed off.

Please click on the link for a sample estimate - Budget Sample

Detailed Estimate - This option will give you a full detailed breakdown of the estimate from which can solicit bids and order from. This estimate is the only option available for commercial work in most cases.

Please click on the link for a sample estimate - Detailed Sample

Quality Control

Essential steps to maintain quality control for our services are

  • Detailed plans and specifications (required to maintain accuracy)
  • Continuous Customer Liaison (we keep you up to date)
  • Accurate Estimates (detailed quantites & costings)

All estimates will be returned as an excel spreadsheet or a pdf file.